Interview with Vouch Magazine

Recently, we were interviewed by the folks at Vouch Magazine.

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Send us a Tree Limb…we’ll make you a set of rings!

We make many heirloom rings in the course of the season.  This season, as you take the Christmas tree from your house, saw off a foot and send it to us! 

We will make a set of Heirloom Rings for you and your family.  What a great way to remember the gathering.

Ebony on Maple Bentwood Anniversary Rings | materialicious

Ebony on Maple Bentwood Anniversary Rings | materialicious.

Help us with our research!

 We are always looking for new wood that offers a good choice for our customers.  As we start 2012 together, tell us what you want!  We look forward to hearing from you

Visit our Store!

We recently opened a new online shop at Big Cartel.  We will use this shop to make it easy to see the most popular rings.  Stop by at

Sure, we can do that!

Take a look at this set of rings… it is a set of rings that the couple wanted something special. 

The wood was selected from their current home state, and that’s not all that make them special.  They also wanted the wood to have a wax only finish.  It gives the rings a different look, and feel.  It’s a finish that will age like leather…  darken over time as the oils of the skin patina the rings.

If you want something special, share your ideas with us, just drop an email…

Rings in Stock, ready to ship for Christmas!

Remember, we usually have about 100 rings in stock.  If you want a Bojt Studio ring by Christmas, let us know what you are looking for…  just drop an email to  

We will check the stock to see if we have it.  If not, we are still shipping Custom Orders for Christmas!

If so, it will be shipped off right away!  It’s that easy.