Welcome to our gallery featuring handcrafted Bentwood Rings from Bojt Studio

We are artisans who carry on the Scandinavian tradition of bending wood. Our process combines the ancient art of steam bending wood with modern chemistry to create unique rings of exceptional beauty and unsurpassed quality.

Beyond beauty, the rings are functional and unbelievably tough.

Click here to enjoy a Gallery of Bojt Studio Bentwood Rings… if you see something you like, let us know, we will be happy to handmake a ring of bent wood, just for you!

Thanks for visiting, page through the site and enjoy the natural beauty of the woods… if you have questions or are interested in more information, send us an email at info.bojtstudio@midco.net

When we receive your inquiry, we will take a break from hand crafting an heirloom ring and reply to you!

Today is the best day to order a Bentwood Ring from Bojt Studio.

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Our customers tell us their rings are wearable works of art. Order yours today!

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Color My World… with Love

We are often asked if we stain the wood, or modify the natural color.  We don’t need to! Wood has an incredible spectrum of color and we are pleased to be able to show the full range in  Bojt Studio Bentwood Rings.

Here’s a handful of rings gathered from the bench one morning…  amazing color!

We have more than 100 species of wood in stock in the studio every day.  From exotic hardwoods to humble repurposed timber, we probably have what you are looking for.  It not, we will do our best to find it!  We source our timber from all over the world.  Much of the lumber is re-purposed in an effort to be good stewards of our natural resources.

Thanks for stopping by to see us today.  If you see our displays at an art festival, stop by…  we’d love to show you the colors!  Or, email us anytime!

A Bojt Studio Bentwood ring makes the perfect gift for the one you love!

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