Perhaps the easiest way to purchase a custom Bentwood Ring from Bojt Studio as a gift…                                                   is a Gift Certificate!


We make it easy for you to order a ring for another, that is guaranteed to fit!  Just hit the Buy it Now button below and we will send you the paperwork that you can redeem anytime up to twelve months after the date of issue.

Each certificate will be sent in a gift envelope with a message that shares the gift of a beautiful ring to be made just for them.  It just does not get any better.

So, what are you waiting for?  Hit the buttons below, and let’s get that ring they always wanted.


Gift Certificate for One Single Wood Bentwood Ring  –  $70 plus $5 shipping (domestic shipping listed – international extra) 


Gift Certificate for One Lined Bentwood Ring  –  $80 plus $5 shipping                     (domestic shipping listed – international extra)


Gift Certificate for One Ancient Hardwood Lined Ring – $95 plus $5 shipping (domestic shipping listed – international extra)



We will mail or email you the full color Gift Certificate for you to wrap and share.  We will include a receipt for your proof of purchase. 

Gift Certificates can be redeemed online at


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