We get the best emails…

Today a mom connected with us about how happy she was that she had us make an Heirloom Bentwood Ring for her son.

The ring we made for him was of maple, harvested by his dad from a tree that the son watched grow from his bedroom window.  He called it “his tree.”  The outer surface of the ring was from wood harvested from a favorite summer family vacation spot.  

Now, as the son is off to college, this simple graduation gift is a cherished possession.  He wears it everyday, as a reminder and connection to his family, and his childhood home.   (According to mom…  he shows it to his friends too!)

So, as GRADUATION nears, perhaps its time to order a Bojt Studio Bentwood Ring as an heirloom for your graduate…  you will be glad you did!


Wax on… wax off

Wax on… wax off.

Many have been asking for a petroleum free wax that will work on our bentwood rings. After research, and testing, we decided to work on one ourselves.

Bojt Studio Trävax will soon be available on the website.

It is a hypoallergenic wax that has been formulated exclusively for Bojt Studio. The wax is designed to be used on all Bojt Studio Bentwood Rings.

We are so pleased with it that we will soon be offering a 100 % WAX FINISH as an option on some of the rings.

This finish will offer an even warmer glow to the wood, in a satin finish.


Bojt Studio to join Cannon Falls Wine and Art Festival for 2012

We are pleased to share that Bojt Studio will be an artist at the Cannon Falls Wine and Art Festival in Cannon Falls, MN this summer!

We are thrilled to be a part of this wonderful event.  

The festival will be July 21st and 22nd at Hannah’s Bend Park in beautiful Cannon Falls, MN.  

Mark your calendars, come on over to enjoy some wine…  and try on a Bojt Studio Bentwood ring.  

You will be glad you did!