We Handcraft Keepsakes…

We have all been there… on vacation and money is flowing.  We buy a souvenir from a local vendor, and take it home to sit on a shelf.  Then, the item no longer fits the decor, and we place it in a cabinet to be forgotten.

Not any more!

At Bojt Studio, we love to re-craft a cherished memory into a wearable heirloom.  We have re-crafted Koa, Rosewood, any many other exotic hardwoods that used to live a dull life on a shelf.  Now, they live as Bentwood Rings, a daily and wearable reminder of a wonderful journey.

This weekend we were handed a cast off relic that will soon be re-purposed into a beautiful set of anniversary rings of Brazilian Rosewood!

It will be our pleasure to hand craft a wonderful set of rings for you too!


Happy Valentines Day!

We just finished a set of Brazilian Rosewood Rings for a couple.  They wanted something extraordinary…  you ask, we bend.

These bands are 8 mm wide.  The Maple liner, and the Rosewood feature are cut from matched slices. the result is wonderful.

We hope you agree.

Happy Valentines Day!