Anniversary Rings are Great Christmas Gifts

Many folks are interested in sets of Custom Bentwood Anniversary Rings from Bojt Studio. We shared these with some folks last week. We thought you’d like to see them too.

Remember, our rings are custom-made, and it takes time to hand craft each ring.

Order early to make sure we can get them to you by Christmas!

Enjoy the day!


Gift Certificates are a Convenient Way to Buy a Custom Ring of Bent Wood

We are pleased to offer gift certificates for those who are giving the gift of a                   Bojt Studio Bentwood Ring and maybe do not know the exact size, or even the preferred style or wood species. 

This is an easy way to share your love with someone, and be assured that the custom ring will indeed fit.

Just click here to be transferred to the Gift Certificate page that welcomes you to buy that perfect custom gift, with the full assurance that “it’s just right.”


Merry Christmas from all of us at Bojt Studio!